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           TLM wins the prestigious National Energy Saving Activity Management award for the year 2019 from the Thailand Ministry of Industry.

          On 16 September 2019, Khun Sunee Ekthirachit, General Manager as the company representative received the prestigious award "The Prime Minister’s Industry Award 2019" from Prime Minister General Prayuth Chan-ocha, organized by the Ministry of Industry at the government house Bangkok.

          From policy and goal assigned by the executive deployed to all employees through various activities by applying TPM principles to manage the organization started in the year 2002 onwards. The company can increase the efficiency of the business to improve respectively. Reducing energy costs is one of many things to consider. To have the most worthwhile use,the company has appointed various committees to oversee all aspects of work. Including energy aside from following the normal energy conservation promotion law, The Energy Management Committee is also trying to increase the efficiency of energy usage at the highest level by promoting various small group activities helping invent energy conservation measures by still seeing success in this area continuously since the beginning of using TPM in order to know Energy conservation work that has been done for many years. Is there an enough standard of us? This year the company sent energy management activities to be considered as this prestigious award and has been selected as 1 of 3 organizations that received national awards for this year.

          The company would like to thank for all the employees for their help.  And has been determined to overcome all obstructions until success is evident by the highly qualified third party and give this award to the company.

          Due to the success at this national level will be the benefit generally to the public. The company is pleased to reveal this success to the general group of people, companies or organizations in order to support and promote the conservation of energy widely.