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TLM-510(C7) products are Halogen free materials manufactured with a unique high performance epoxy resin reinforced with electrical grade (E-glass) glass fabric.
TLM-510(C7) offers enhanced thermal resistance a high-Tgvalue with lower z-CTE value and is designed to eliminate the use of halogenated resins due to the potential hazardous effects from the environmental concerns. These materials are compatible with the AOI process and exhibit the UV block characteristic.

TLM-510(C7) also exhibit superior chemical resistance, thermal stability and CAF-resistance.

Performance and Processing Advantages

  1. High Comparative Tracking Index, CTI ≥ 600 V
  2. High performance epoxy blend which yields superior heat resistance
  3. Superior dielectric thickness control
  4. Wide processing window for maximum lamination performance
  5. Enhanced thermal and chemical resistances
  6. Compatible with automatic optical inspection process
  7. UV-block feature
  8. Lead free solder process compatible
  9. CAF-Resistance capability

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