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High Thermal resistance Epoxy Laminate and PrepregHalogen free Laminates and Prepregs TLM-510 products are Halogen free materials manufactured with a unique high performance epoxy resin reinforced with electrical grade (E-glass) glass fabric. TLM-510 offers enhanced thermal resistance due to a high Tg value, Tg 150oC with low z-CTE value and achieve flammability class of UL94V-0.

These materials are compatible with the AOI process and exhibit the UV block characteristic.

TLM-510 products also exhibit superior chemical resistance, thermal stability and CAF-resistance.

Performance and Processing Advantages

  1. Halogen, antimony and red phosphorous free
  2. Low coefficient of thermal expansion
  3. Compatible processing characteristics
  4. Very low moisture absorption
  5. CAF-resistance capability

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Technical data sheet
– RoHS (Laminate)
RoHS (Prepreg)