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Insulation Metal Substrate


TE-1000 is a woven glass fabric conbined with epoxy resin comprised of flame retardant. This grade qualifies to meet UL-94 V0. Also TE-1000 offers high mechanical strength, good dielectric loss and electric strength under both dry and humid condition. TE-1000 a RoHS compliant unclad epoxy is suitable for a variety application of structural with electrical insulation property and machanical property.TE-1000 has a superia property

  - High machanical strength
  - Machine ability in drill, cutting, milling etc.
  - Excellent electrical insulation
  - Low water / moisture absorption
  - Flame retardant meet UL94V-0 rating
  - RoHS compliant material

TE-1000 is suitable and benefit of use in varity of application such as:-

  - Structural Jig & Fixture
  - Test & Fixture
  - Burn in test fixture/rack

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