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1. Do you sell laminate for furniture?

No, our laminate or copper clad laminate (CCL) is used for printed circuit boads in electronic industry.  It is made of epoxy fiberglass.  

2. What type of your laminate?

Its type is FR 4.

3. What is sheet size of laminate?

We provide various sheet sizes such as 40x48”, 42x48”, 48x48”, 54x48” 96x48”  and also custom made as per customer’s requirement.

4. What thickness of laminate do you have?

We have thickness from 0.04-6.5 mm (1.6-256 mil).

5. What is your delivery lead time?

We provide short delivery lead time service within 7 days and 3 days for urgent delivery requirement.


6. What fabric glass type of prepreg do you supply?

We have various fabric glass types such as 1027, 1037 106, 1078, 1080, 1506, 2116, 2313, 7628, etc.

7. I am interested in your solder pallet material, TM-8100. What thickness and size do you have?

We have thickness from 1.6 mm to 10 mm comprising of 1.6 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm and 10 mm.  Currently, we have one standard sheet size which is 40x48” or 1020x1220 mm.

8. I need an urgent shipment for TM-8100 material. Do you have stock?

We carry stock of all thicknesses and can ship material in the next day for local and 3 days for overseas.

9. What is TS-4000?

TS-4000 is a woven glass fabric combined with epoxy resin comprised of flame retardant.  It has an excellent sheet thickness tolerance +0.02 to -0.03 mm.  TS-4000 has outstanding bending strength and elasticity.  It is suitable for lapping and polishing glass for hard disks and silicon wafer.

10. What is TE-1000?

TE-1000 is FR-4 material, a thermosetting industrial laminate consisting of a continuous filament glass cloth material with an epoxy resin binder.  It has characteristics of high strength, excellent electrical properties and chemical resistance not only at room temperature but also under humid or moist conditions